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Wolseley Seven

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Year 1922

You could be forgiven if you have never seen one of Wolseley’s charming twin cylinder Sevens as only 10 are known to have survived of the roughly 1,000 originally built between 1922 and 1924. This particular example is on chassis number 50010 which makes it the tenth car produced and according to my information it is also the earliest surviving Seven.

Wolseley introduced this model to expand into the small car market but being a Wolseley it was built to a high standard as will be obvious when you inspect it - however at £295 it was expensive when a typical light car buyer could also acquire a twin cylinder Jowett for around £225. Obviously some discerning buyers were prepared to pay more to own a Wolseley but its real nemesis came in the form of Austin’s Seven which at just over half the price of the Wolseley eliminated the competition in the light car market.

This example is in really fine condition throughout with a very sound body, lovely paint, unmarked brightwork and smart upholstery. Its 986 cc twin cylinder water cooled engine starts readily on the handle before settling down to a steady tickover without exhibiting any untoward mechanical noise. Out on the road it is nicely tractable with a lot of low down torque and it picks up revs readily when you want to increase speed. The clutch is light, its three speed and reverse gearbox is quiet and easy to use, the steering is direct and positive, the brakes are up to the job and its front and rear quarter-elliptic springs give a really comfortable ride.

It is very much at home on country lanes where it bowls along cheerfully and is a real joy to drive, so much so that at the end of every run I don’t want to put it away! I think it will be perfect for VSCC Light Car and Edwardian Section events and I can imagine it being great fun on touring rallies - who knows, maybe you could finally have that very leisurely motoring holiday you always promised yourself!

It is worth noting that this car will probably cost you less than an early 1920’s Austin Seven in the same condition and, with no disrespect to Austin’s excellent motor cars, you are far less likely to see another Wolseley Seven on the road!    

P.S. The car’s file contains some useful background information as well as an original Wolseley Seven advertising brochure, two original instruction manuals and list of spare parts.



Price 19,250.00