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Darracq 15 hp

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Year 1911

This lovely Veteran Car Club dated 1911 15 hp Darracq appears to have had relatively few owners since new. It has clearly been restored to a very high standard as it comes with comprehensive set of photographs taken before work was started and an inspection of it now will readily demonstrate just how much has been done. As well as a series of invoices from the 1990s recording mechanical work done on it there is also a note which records more recent work done by Nigel Parrott and Neve engineering which comprises of a clutch and gearbox rebuild, fitting a new propeller shaft, a rebuilt back axle with relined brakes and the supply of five new tyres.

It is fair to say that the car looks superb and you will have to be in a very critical frame of mind to find fault with it – it really is as good as it looks in the pictures! Its four cylinder engine (with “inlet over exhaust” valves ) has an electric starter and fires up instantly - it is very quiet and pulls very nicely. The clutch is light, the three speed and reverse gearbox is easy to use, the steering is precise, the brakes are positive and the car feels like it will just keep on going wherever you want it to go so this is a car you can really use.

One of the pleasures of Edwardian cars is that they are very useable and there are a wide range of events for you to take part in organised by the Veteran Car Club here in the UK as well as rallies in Ireland and mainland Europe.

I think this is a vehicle which is well worth a look and I don’t think you will be disappointed if you do come to see it!

Price 57,950.00