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Lagonda M35R

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Year 1934

The Lagonda M35R model was built in 1934/35 to provide a bridge between the departing 3 litre model and the new Meadows 4½ litre engined M45. Its powerful 3½ Litre six cylinder seven bearing crankshaft engine (number 3020) was a development of the 3 litre unit using a redesigned block which allowed for the requisite bigger cylinder bores. The car used a Rapide chassis (in this case number Z11270) designed by Lagonda for the Meadows engine with the most obvious external difference to the 3 litre being much larger brake drums – this is a very useful feature as the 3½ litre car was designed to have a top speed of 85 miles per hour.

There are quite a few details of previous ownership on file but I will summarise the main points here. The Lagonda Club’s records indicate that this car, which originally carried Silent Travel pillarless saloon coachwork, was supplied on 12th December 1934 probably to dealers Burton and Tweedy though it was first registered on 14th September 1935 so it was very likely that it was used as their sales demonstration car. Its original registration was WS5888 and the internet tells me that WS was an Edinburgh/Leith number prefix issued in 1934 and 1935 number which ties in with its first registration date. The Club’s next record of the car is November 1955 when it was in Musselburgh which is only 6 miles from Edinburgh. In 1975 it is in Beverley in Yorkshire, in 1989 it is in Clitheroe in Lancashire and was then offered at a series of auctions between 1989 and 1995 after which it was acquired by a gentleman in Penzance, Cornwall. As far as I can see it came into the hands of its current County Wicklow based owner in 2009 who has obviously spent quite a bit of money to keep it in good order.

I think it would be fair to say that this car is really in top notch condition throughout combining as it does a first class coachwork built replica of Lagonda's own T9 four seat touring body with superb paintwork and upholstery. The engine starts readily and pulls very well, the gearbox and transmission are quiet, the brakes are positive and the steering is precise with no sign of wandering so it is a real a pleasure to drive.

To put is simply this car combines strong performance with real style so will appeal to someone who enjoys their driving and wants to do it in one of the best 1930s sporting motor cars. I think it will be as good as anything you want to compare it with and is also very good value for money which never comes amiss!!