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Morris  Minor 1000 Convertible

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Year 1959

It is very many years since I last drove a Morris Minor and I had completely forgotten what great fun they are (as any Minor driver will no doubt tell you!). Alec Issigonis’ design is much more advanced than most of its competitors combining a stiff monocoque body with a wide track, a wheel at each corner, torsion bar independent front suspension, rack and pinion steering and good brakes – the result is a car with really good handling which is a pleasure to drive especially on country lanes where you can safely motor along at surprisingly good speeds (no doubt helped by its 1098cc replacement Morris Minor engine!)  

According to an article in the November 2016 issue of the Morris Minor Owners Club magazine “Minor Matters”, at that time this car held the record for being in the same ownership for the longest period of time as it was still in the hands of the gentleman who bought it new in November 1959 so had owned it for 57 years! However as he was by then 96 years old he planned to give up driving so it came into the hands of its current owner in March 2017.

As can be seen from earlier bills the car had obviously been properly maintained but given its advancing years the new owner felt it would benefit from a thorough work over so he gave it to the Morris Minor Workshop in East Sussex. He appears to have given them a free hand to do whatever they thought necessary to put it into top notch condition whilst maintaining as much of its originality as possible.

Excluding the price he paid for car (which was in full running order when he bought it) when we add up Minor Workshop’s invoices plus others from different suppliers we see that he has spent nearly £11,000 (eleven thousand pounds) on it in the space of a year. In case you are wondering why he would sell it so soon after spending so much money I can tell you that he gets as much pleasure bringing cars into first class condition regardless of cost as he does out of driving them.

So if you would like to own a very sound and presentable virtually one-owner Morris Minor which is in thoroughly well sorted condition without looking like a concours-only show car this is quite possibly the one for you!

Price 13,000.00