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Dellow Prototype trials car

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Year 1947

This important car comes with one of the most interesting files I have seen. It is difficult to summarise all of the information so you will have to study its history for yourself but I will mention that it comes with many original black and white photographs showing it in use on various trials from its early days through to the 1950s including some where you can see it in action on the race track and at the Prescott hill climb. There are also some personal handwritten letters plus copies of event reports and correspondence regarding it which were printed in various motoring publications. In addition there is a copy of a fascinating three page article about it written by Michael ware and published by The Automobile magazine in June 2013.

According to everything I have to hand CAB 282 is one two surviving cars of four prototypes built by Ken Delingpole and Ron Lowe. It was made in 1947 for Mr. Lewis Tracey who appears to have been very active in club motorsport in the early post war years. Unlike production Dellows it has an Austin 7 chassis which apparently came from a 1938 bakers van though in common with common with most Dellows it has an 1172cc Ford engine and a Ford front axle.

By the 1970s it had fallen into a fairly parlous state but fortunately it came into the hands of a Mr. Peter Seabrook-Harris who over time brought it back it to the really nice condition it is now in – the file includes several pictures showing it before, during and after its restoration!

I am not a trials driver but I have taken it out on the road and can report that it is very lively and handles very nicely. It all appears to be very sound with a sweet engine, an easy to use Ford three speed gearbox, taut suspension, good steering and strong brakes – in short it is very good fun and would, I imagine be even more fun doing what it was built for which is some serious trialling.

The only reason it is for sale is that its owner, a keen classic rally driver who bought it on impulse fairly recently with a view to taking up trialling soon found out to his great disappointment that it was not really built for people like himself and his co-driver son who are both well over six feet tall! However their inability to fit in it does present an opportunity for somebody else (maybe yourself!) to acquire an historically significant trials car which is ready for action.


Price 18,650.00